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Move With Songa is your solution to the challenges of on-demand urban micro-mobility in Africa.

At Songa, we address the challenges posed by those "in-between distances" (too long to walk, yet too short to rely on cars) by offering convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly transport options. Walking is time-consuming and tiring, while ride-hailing services and personal vehicles are expensive and contribute to carbon emissions.

That's where Move With Songa comes in. We provide bikes, e-bikes, scooters and mopeds at the touch of a button making us your reliable transportation solution. With Songa, you can enjoy the freedom of zipping through the city, saving time, reducing your carbon footprint, and enhancing your overall commuting experience. What are you waiting for? #MoveWithSonga!

Move With Songa!

Our Core Values


We believe that sustainable transportation should be affordable for all. Songa offers cost-effective e-mobility options, eliminating the need for expensive personal vehicles or costly taxi rides. Our pricing structure ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of convenient transportation without breaking the bank.


At Songa, we prioritize convenience by providing hassle-free and accessible transportation solutions. Our platform offers a seamless experience, allowing users to easily access bikes, e-bikes, electic motorbikes or electric cabs, and navigate the city while avoiding the challenges of walking, public transport, congested roads, and parking.


Songa is committed to addressing climate change and reducing global warming. By promoting the use of bicycles as a sustainable alternative, we actively contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. Choosing Songa means making a conscious choice to protect the environment and be part of the solution for a greener future.

Health & Fitness

We value the health and fitness benefits that cycling brings. Songa encourages an active lifestyle by providing an opportunity for users to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. By choosing Songa, individuals can improve their fitness levels, enjoy fresh air, and prioritize their well-being while moving around the city.

Mission & Vision


To create human-centred urban environments by prioritizing comfort and convenience through sustainable transportation solutions.


Move With Songa envisions a future where urban transportation is convenient, affordable and eco-friendly.

our services

Selling & Renting

Get connected to a buyer or seller of a bike, or rent out a bike at an affordable price.

Do you sell, or rent out bikes? List them on our platform!

Repairs, Servicing & Spares

Does your bike need repairs, servicing or just a deep clean? Or maybe you want to buy the spare parts and do it yourself. We've got you covered!

Are you a business that does this? List your services on our platform!


Need a quick, affordable and eco-friendly ride to work or school? Wherever it is you need to go, our electric cars or motorbikes will get you there!

Do you have an electric car or motorbike and want to earn a little extra income? Move With Songa!

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Are you on a mission to transform urban mobility, or save the planet. Do our missions or visions align? Partner with us!

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Songa Care ❤️

Songa Care is an initiative aimed at helping needy students go through university like any other student. 20% of our profits go to supporting The UoN Compassion Fund which supports needy students with:

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client's reviews

Our clients are our biggest and most valuable partners and this is what they have to say:

What's outstanding about Move With Songa, is their customer service.


I love that I can get an electric cab at a click of a button.

Nelly Alili

The electric bike made me feel like I am on a plane. I was flying!

Greg Opondi

The electic motorbike was so cool, I could track it via the app on my phone.

Sandra Mamai

very effecient and affordable.

Andrew Kim

I love how the rails are secured! other bikes tear my clothes while cycling, but these ones dont.

Cindy Ngugi

I use Move With Songa to go to my Climate Action meetings

Dennis Kiarie

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